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T. Ream

Timothy Michael Ream
Full Name
Timothy Michael Ream
Current Club
Place Of Birth
St. Louis
Date Of Birth
October 5, 1987
Weight (kg)
Height (cm)

Who is Tim Ream?

Tim Ream, hailing from the USA, is a skilled ball playing defender with a remarkable career in football. Currently playing for Fulham, Ream has consistently proven his talent and prowess on the field. Born on October 5, 1987, Ream is 35 years old and stands tall at 183cm.

One of Ream's distinguishing features is his preferred foot, which is his left foot. This unique attribute adds an element of surprise and versatility to his playing style. Moreover, Ream proudly wears the jersey number 13, signifying his individuality and determination.

Throughout his career, Ream has not only excelled as a defender but has also shown great adaptability. He has been utilized as a stopper, showcasing his ability to anchor the defense and provide stability to the team. This versatility has undoubtedly contributed to Ream's success and made him an invaluable asset on the field.

When it comes to his market value, Tim Ream currently holds a transfer value ranging between €4.3M and €7.1M. His last transfer took place in 2015 when Fulham acquired him from Bolton Wanderers for €1.7M. This move marked a significant milestone in Ream's career, as he found a new home at Fulham and continued to demonstrate his exceptional skills.

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Top Trophies:

8thBest American Players
23rdMost Valuable Players over 34
36thBest Players over 34
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